februarie 2011
Premiile Oscar 2011
For your (very brief) consideration, here are four-word reviews of this year's Oscar best picture nominees, listed below, for whatever reason, in alphabetical order:

127 Hours: A Farewell to Arm.
Black Swan: Natalie stealing FROM Winona.
Inception: Leo sleeps on job.
The Fighter: Marky's face fist-marked.
The Kids Are All Right: Moore, Benning: Mammas' Mia.
The King's Speech: The King and I-I-I-I-I.
The Social Network: Facebook. A Geek Tragedy.
Toy Story 3: Too old for Woody?
True Grit: 'Dude' takes on Duke.
Winter's Bone: Sorry, didn't see it.

Spoiler alert (too late?): you should have probably seen the films to get, and hopefully enjoy, some of the puns. Seriously, you should see them - and put some meat on that Winter's Bone for me...

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