februarie 2011
Insider Job - The crisis of finance capitalism as a great crime story.

Toy Story 3 - The triumph of consumer capitalism as an epic love story.

A Film Unfinished - A reminder of film's inherent capacity for lying. Harrowing Nazi footage of the Warsaw ghetto is made to reveal more than its makers intended in this remarkable and historically invaluable doc.

The Ghost Writer - The movie for our (WikiLeaks) times: stark and tense, evoking an ever-inceasing sense of danger and paranoia. Polanski in tip-top shape.

The Autobiography Of Nicolae Ceausescu - It was the best of times (for me), it was the worst of times (for them)... The protagonist looks back at his life through the prysm of propaganda footage featuring"The Most Beloved Son of the People".

Io sono l'amore / I Am Love - An extremely high-end soap opera. The best sex scene of the year is between Tilda Swinton and a prawn. She eats it.

Norwegian Wood - Lost in adaptation? Two hours (a half hour too much) of teenage love and angst (almost) worthy of the Murakami original.

Never Let Me Go - Retro science fiction. A quasi-horror story with the seductive allure of a classic romance.

Marwencol - A multi-multi-layered documentary about a former alcoholic was been beaten to into a coma, recovered with very little memory of his past, and, as a form of self-therapy, began reconstructing a new imaginary life through... dolls, creating an elaborate drama set in the fictional Belgian war-time town of Marwencol. I know: huh?

Exit Through The Gift Shop - All of the above. None of the above. An elaborate art-world stunt in the form of a documentary. Or vice versa.

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