Blogul filmului 432 / mai 2007
Festivalul de film Cannes 2007
Hello! It's Anikah writing from Universal. Do you have an availability tomorrow late afternoon for a mtg?

Anikah must be an agent in connection with Universal. I remember I got something on the mail from them a few days ago. I have no idea what could come out of having an agent in America since I don't consider moving to US. Will see!

Dear. I arrived in cannes and all cannes is talking about your film. I am so happy! I want to meet you - if you have any time - to talk about Balkan front - for my new film. Jasmila.

Jasmila is a super nice girl and a wonderful director. We've been involved together in Lost and Found project and later she got the Golden Bear for her first film, Grbavica. I'd like to tell once the story of her getting the Golden Bear - it's a lesson for young filmmakers - hope Jasmila will allow me to. (...)

Felicitări pentru succes. Ţinem pumnii pentru un premiu! Pe curînd. Eugen Şerbănescu.

Eugen Şerbănescu is the president of the Romanian CNC. He is also in Cannes these days. I wonder if he has seen the film - from what I know, he arrived after the official screening.

They sold Italy to [...] for [...] Euros. Congratulations! See you later. Lucie.

Lucie had a special role din the destiny of the film. Alina Tapardel handed our tape with the film to her in Berlin to her complete surprise - we didn't have any meeting scheduled. Somebody just called at their door and proposed the film to them from the part of the producers. Later she called to let me know Wild Bunch is not interested in the film. They were having too many. Later she called to let me know they changed their mind.

Yesterday she was translating from me - from English to French - for a journalist from Journal de Dimanche for which I recollected my memories about December 22, 1989. Vincent Maraval, Wild Bunch boss, called but I couldn't answer so Lucie wrote down for me a little message on paper.

I answered Vincent about this message: You're the man! Wouldn't amaze me to hear you sold it in Antarctica.

He answered: UK is on the way for Antarctica we have good connections with penguins. Vincent.

Now, when I'm writing, I get a new message from him: Spain sold.


La mulţi ani pt Vladimir! Am aflat din blog. E la o zi după mine:) (mă rog, plus încă vreo 30 de ani...). vă ţinem pumnii. Dragoş & DSG

Dragoş, Raluca şi Tuliu sînt cei trei muschetari ardeleni de la DSG în luptă cu Bucureştiul. They designed Mobra's site, the film's site, the film's credits, the film's poster, the film's flyer, the film's postcard, Mobra's logo and so on. They are fast so they got used to find out what we need some 24 hours after it had to be ready.


- - -

Last night Wild Bunch made all possible so that we became part of the big celebration for 60 years of Cannes. We went up the red carpet again and we were presented to Gilles Jacob as: All the Romanian Cinema - me, Cornel Porumboiu and Cristi Puiu. It was all very speedy so I guess we'll be excused for not detailing to them about the Romanian Cinema in it's integrity. It was the highest inflation of stars on the carpet last night, from Sharon Stone and Javier Bardem to the local icons Gerard Depardieu and Alain Delon.

Inside we watched the 33 three minute films made by famous directors' awarded in Cannes. Some were funny, some not.

Nanni Moreti was sharing his experiences as going to cinema together with her mother in law and son. And was trying to explain to the latter the difference between his cinema and Matrix 2.

Coen Brothers film was talking about a cowboy in a deserted little town not knowing what to choose between the Turkish film Climates and an Alain Resnais film. Eventually he was asking the ticket seller if any of the films have livestock inside. He chose Climates apparently for having a rabbit inside, but, for his surprise, he liked the film.

Lars von Trier was playing himself in a cinema theater watching Manderlay. Since the man sitting next to him was disturbingly talking about his business during the film, Lars took out a hammer and eventually smashed his head throwing blood all around. Then he sat again to watch the film quietly.

Polanski shoot a joke. A couple watches Emmanuelle 3 when some apparently sexual groans start from behind the theater. They ask the theater manager to do something to fix it. The manager checks on the groaning man's ticket and asks him to move to the balcony where he belongs - to find out that this is where he has just felt from.

Innaritu was shooting a close up of a blind woman impressed by the film she was hearing, told by her lover from time to time what was happening on the screen. Once the film finished, she hugs him, touched and impressed and wants to know if the film was, as she has beautifully pictured it in her mind, black and white.

But no, the film was just in colors.

(mai multe însemnări din Cannes de la Cristian Mungiu pe site-ul filmului 4 luni, 3 săptămâni şi 2 zile, mai 2007)

Cristian Mungiu este autorul volumului 7 scenarii, publicat de Editura LiterNet.

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